An incurable illness

The 42 000 plane trees bordering the canal du Midi face extinction in the near future … The canker stain of the plane tree is a microscopic fungus which settles and develops inside the tree
and blocks its sap channels. In so doing, it can kill a tree in only 2 to 5 years.

The disease spreads by contact: either via roots (very intertwined), or following damage caused
by the friction of boats against the network of plane tree roots while they are moored outside
the developed sites or directly alongside the trees.

It spreads rapidly and, even worse, cannot be stopped. After extensive research,
INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) concluded that the disease could not be fought chemically or biologically. If the test protocols for preserving healthy trees continue as they are, there is currently only one solution to keep it in check – cut down and burn the affected trees.

Despite these preventive efforts, around 9 850 trees were felled between 2006 and 2014,
within 635 regions. 2 840 new affected trees have been detected during our prospection campaign of 2014, carried out on the riverside of the canal du Midi. 

This situation is now so urgent that we must all mobilise!


By donating today, you can also do your bit to help this rescue plan get off the ground. The current program is planning to replant 1 000 additional trees by spring 2015.
Thank to you, 1 285 trees have already been replanted since the launch of the program ! 


Get more information about the canker stain (in french)

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