Protective measures

In response to the growing threat of the disease, French Waterways Institution / Voies navigables de France (VNF), which manages the canal du Midi on behalf of the government, immediately embarked on protective measures.

This meant the assistance from experts from scientific and laboratory backgrounds as well as specialised services such as Regional Plant Protection Services was required. Each year, independent experts are tasked with exploratory missions to detect diseased trees at the earliest possible stage. 

VNF officials have been trained and a network of field experts has been set up. Companies commissioned by Voies navigables de France have been made aware of the preventive measures
to be applied: disinfection of equipment, inspection before works, intervention to avoid damaging trees
and dispersing the sawdust infected by canker. These measures complement the practice of felling trees
and burning them on the spot to stop the disease spreading.

In addition, assisted by professionals and scientists, VNF is studying potential measures to limit the disease being spread by boats. With scientific monitoring from experts of the Ministry of Agriculture
and others from agro-foodstuff and forestry fields, VNF is seeking to develop partnerships to facilitate research or experiments on the disease.


Our replanting operation

The ecological diversity of the canal du Midi is an exceptional heritage that we must preserve. To fight against the canker stain, we are surrounded by the best scientists to identify the most resistant tree essences face to the disease, and the most faithful to the "canal spirit".

Will you recognize them?

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