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Réné Bouscatel, chairman of the canal du Midi Business Sponsors Club, Alain Chatillon and Bernard Keller, its vice-chairmen, and the sponsorship unit of Voies Navigables de France (VNF, the French internal waterways authority), offer their thanks to Club members for their support:

In particular to our most generous donors:


  • “ The HSBC Group has decided to mark the occasion of its 150th anniversary by supporting charity projects in the main countries in which it is established. In France, employees have identified 3 priorities: education, health and the environment. The project for the restoration of the trees along the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO world heritage site, attracted our attention as it is in line with our historic commitment to the environment and to water-related problems in particular in the context of the HSBC Water Programme.  The Canal du Midi plane trees are now under threat due to the spread of coloured canker disease. The support of HSBC will help to limit the spread of the disease and replant and consolidate the embankments, thus enabling a new page to be written in the story of the canal that links two seas.”

  • “Three reasons lie behind our sponsorship of the canal du Midi scheme. First of all, I was born in Béziers and having grown up on the banks of the canal, seeing it without its plane trees makes me particularly sad. Next, we see the canal as an iconic feature of Languedoc-Roussillon, and the future enlarged region. Lastly, we are a civil engineering firm concerned about local developmental and environmental issues. We are currently carrying out excavations, civil engineering projects and maritime and inland waterways works. The canal represents all of our core businesses by itself, and is a perfect example of how a PPP can work at a time when project financing is highly unpredictable.” Jean-Michel Buesa.

  • Regional offices and local branches are joining forces to help with replanting the plane trees along the canal du Midi. This scheme was chosen by the board as our flagship project common to all regional offices and local branches for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015, as a worthwhile and cohesive measure reflecting the regional head office’s commitment to protecting diversity within its business territory.

And to all the other members:

  • “Airbus is an international company employing some 59,000 people representing more than 100 nationalities worldwide, including some 18,000 in and around Toulouse. Supporting the scheme to safeguard the canal du Midi is a symbol of Airbus’ commitment to the area where its factories and design offices are located and to its role as a member of the local community. The canal du Midi is an integral part of the history of Toulouse and the surrounding area, and preserving it is therefore essential.”

  • “Airbus Defence & Space, the European aerospace industry leader and the largest employer in the region, is happy to support this initiative to safeguard the canal du Midi and replace the diseased plane trees. Being close to the Canal and a socially responsible company, we are particularly keen to preserve this symbol of local heritage and fully back this project being undertaken by the French internal waterways authority, VNF.”

  • “Arterris is an agricultural cooperative operating in both Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, its core businesses being grain collection, distribution of agricultural supplies, livestock production and feed, and plant seed stock. Its territory extends from the Tarn in the north to Pyrénées-Orientales in the south, and from Tarn-et-Garonne in the west to Hérault in the east. The canal du Midi is a key feature of the area covered by the Group. It is one of the most special and enthusiastically shared features in the Cooperative’s entire area of operations, shaping it and connecting it. Like the efforts of those who work the land, the canal du Midi forges a landscape familiar to us, bringing pleasure to those who find it. All of which explains why Arterris Group is now supporting the canal du Midi sponsorship campaign.”

  • “ATR is the world leader in the short-haul aircraft market, and its aircraft are currently used by more than 180 airlines in over 90 countries. ATR is an equal partnership between two European airspace powerhouses, France’s Airbus Group and Italy’s Alenia Aermacchi (part of the Finmeccanica Group). ATR is the first short-haul aircraft manufacturer to have secured ISO 14001 certification for its aircrafts’ lifecycle. However, aware of the environmental footprint it generates throughout the product lifecycle and its social responsibility as an aircraft manufacturer, ATR wanted to support the measures taken by the French internal waterways authority, VNF to replant the canal du Midi.”

  • “As the publisher since 2002 of the official tourist guide to the canal du Midi, our entrepreneurial sensitivity and taste for a challenge naturally led us to support the canal du Midi replanting. Given our awareness of the economic, environmental and publicity issues, who better than a media firm to form, instil and build a dynamic around Pierre-Paul Riquet’s engineering masterpiece. Local and national publishing, advertising and multimedia consultancy firm since 1994, placing specialist material and advertising in corporate, business or special-interest publications, with expertise encompassing paper, web and mobile media.”

  • “ Based in Burgundy and specialising in Languedoc wines for 20 years, our company wants to actively participate in the preservation and promotion of our adopted region of which the canal du Midi is so symbolic. It is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which for us provides a link with the « climats » of Burgundy, because these 1247 parcels of vines have also just been classed as a UNESCO site, which is something we have actively supported for many years. What’s more, our winery in Marseillette, near Carcassonne, and our new Domaine du Trésor in Ouveillan are both situated along the banks of the canal. We are therefore particularly sensitive to the canal’s future and its preservation.”

  • “Banque Courtois wanted to join the canal du Midi sponsorship campaign because we are, and have always been, greatly involved in local economic life in the city of Toulouse and the Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine and Roussillon regions. Backing this project, the main objective of which is preserve our heritage, was obviously the right thing to do. Lastly, the scheme is a perfect fit with our bank’s values, in particular the long-term approach to successfully accomplishing goals.”

  • “Biotope is pleased to join forces with VNF to support the canal du Midi replanting scheme. As a company based in the Hérault, we are very attached to the canal du Midi, which boosts the appeal of our area, and we want to help preserve this threatened part of our heritage. Being an environmental business, we are also affected by socio-economic and ecological threats posed by the trees’ disappearance. Replanting the plane trees is a way of bringing nature back into urban areas, without overlooking the fact that these trees are a fantastic habitat for bats!”

  • “ For Black Mountain Compagnie, which produces whisky with the flavour of south-west France and plans to build a distillery in the foothills of the Black Mountains (in the village of Fraïsse-sur-Agoût), the Canal du Midi is a major symbol of the Occitan region in which we live. We are proud and enthusiastic to participate in protecting it through the VNFs (Voies Navigables de France - navigable waterways of France).”

  • “Made aware of the conservation of local heritage through its Correa division, for which long-standing heritage and historic monuments are invaluable, Bourdarios is pleased to help the French internal waterways authority, VNF, to conserve and restore the canal du Midi through this tree replanting campaign. So, Bourdarios too is bringing the canal du Midi back to life.”

  • “BRL Group, a specialist in water, the environment and regional development, the design and management of major water projects and a key stakeholder in the Languedoc-Roussillon public water service department, has been supporting the region of its birth for sixty years. These deep roots mean we feel a long-term commitment to serving the local community. Corporate social responsibility is a core business for our Group. BRL directs its CSR activities down four main avenues, one of which involves community involvement and local culture. This avenue entails BRL Group’s involvement in activities supporting non-profits working in community or development projects having some connection to BRL’s lines of business or areas of operation, supporting local initiatives to assist those at a disadvantage (young people, the elderly, workers with disabilities or on rehabilitation schemes, etc.), contributing to or promoting cultural projects in areas where BRL Group operates, and particularly in Languedoc-Roussillon and internationally. The replanting scheme along the banks of the canal du Midi, an internationally-renowned feat of engineering, is therefore a perfect fit with the projects supported by BRL, the concession holder for a water system owned by the Languedoc-Roussillon regional authority, comprising more than 100 km of canals and one of the major development schemes that transformed the south of France.”

  • “The pride of Béziers, the canal du Midi is an outstanding feat of engineering. It was obvious to us that Menuiserie Carayon should contribute to its preservation, by supporting not only the replanting of trees, but also the energy-saving refurbishment of its lock-keepers’ and road-menders’ houses in their peaceful setting on along the canal.”

  • “Greatly moved by the likelihood of the majestic trees on the banks of the canal du Midi disappearing, Caussat, with almost a century of recognised expertise, wanted to actively help to safeguard this heritage by offering its companies’ services and skills in the form of sponsorship.” Formed in 1972 by Monsieur Teddy Caussat and his brothers, Caussat Espaces Verts was a pioneer company in the landscaping business in the Toulouse area. Over the decades since then, it has been one of leading names in the market, as it has managed to adapt to planning and development techniques and forge close links with many partners. Based ten miles north of Toulouse, Caussat Espaces Verts has expanded with the support of a facility significant to its business, namely the Padouenc nursery on the same site, covering more than 50 hectares. With their skills and expertise in plant-growing honed over the years, Caussat companies feel duty-bound to play a major role in restoring the canal du Midi and to offer their services to the local authority to ensure a long-term future for the stricken trees.

  • “A preferred partner for major companies in their international expansion, the reach of CMT+ and its branch offices now extends across Europe. The company nonetheless retains a fondness for its roots and wants to take action to preserve its local heritage. Supporting the canal replanting scheme matches our policy on social and environmental responsibility. It also fits with our own values of innovation, effectiveness and local presence. In 2015, our joining the Sponsors Club and involvement in reviving the Canal will be a project that is shared by all of our 170 staff as they look forward, fully aware of the legacy to be left to their children and future generations.”

  • “ Coca-Cola Entreprise has a production site in Castanet Tolosan, close to the Canal du Midi. We are proud to help protect this exceptional site. For our teams, it is an ever-present symbol of our production site’s integration into its environment, of durability and of the communication links that unite us all. Through its history and its future, the Canal du Midi represents values to which we have a particularly strong attachment.”

  • “Convinced of the benefit of our policy in favour of preserving our local heritage, we are pleased to associate our corporate image and that of our Foundation with your Sponsors Club, the steps taken by which match our founding principles of responsibility, local presence and community service perfectly.”

  • “We decided to help with replanting the canal du Midi firstly because we love our adoptive region. Secondly, because leaving a work of art like this to die is unthinkable. And lastly, and importantly, because it is very pleasant just ambling along the canal, whether on a bike, in a boat, or on foot in the shade of the old trees.”

  • “The canal is a natural heritage asset held dear by our customers and staff who use this magical site for sport and exercise every day. The Decathlon chain aims to stimulate as many people as possible to participate in sport and exercise, and in this regard we felt a duty, involved as we are both economically and socially, to help preserve this heritage.”

  • “DiaDom is a provider of health care in the home, looking after patients most of whom suffer from chronic illnesses. Providing support in the healing, rehabilitation and recovery processes is part of our ethos. Caring for the health of our environment is a very natural and important value for us, both collectively and individually. On a personal note, I have always loved the greenness of these routes, shaded by plane trees, and the quality of the light there. In this respect, the canal is wonderful and the leisurely nature of navigating on it strengthens that dream of being able to take one's time and contemplate nature. Moments such as these are rare nowadays, and it is important that we protect them. The project to replant the Canal du Midi is not just about saving the plane trees or the canal. Perhaps it is also about saving ourselves.” Bruno Meline, Managing Director.
    “ As a publisher of fine books and reference works on heritage, regionalism and natural history, Éditions Privat has, for the last 175 years, worked with the finest specialists. Although deeply rooted in society, this publishing house remains in permanent contact with the world that surrounds it, so that it can anticipate readers’ needs and expectations to the best of its ability. By editing works of undisputed quality, it thus continues its work of disseminating knowledge. Joining other big names from industry and the local economy in supporting the impetus to protect a major heritage site like the Canal du Midi was therefore a natural decision. Éditions Privat is proud to show its solidarity by participating in this all-embracing adventure”

  • “The regions of Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine and Languedoc-Roussillon are joining forces in a socially-responsible action to safeguard this aspect of our heritage. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996, and an integral part of our DNA and our culture, our Group naturally wanted to help with the safeguarding of this magnificent monument and symbol of our region.”

  • “We had an obvious duty to participate in this nationwide fund-raising effort to preserve the magnificent and timeless feat of engineering that is the canal du Midi. We are not only woodcutters but we also grow trees, love nature and promote biodiversity. I therefore quite naturally decided to join the Sponsors Club.” Philippe Holtzinger

  •  “Kobo Products was established in Ramonville in 1995 before moving to Labège, still in close proximity to the Canal du Midi, in 2008. Respecting the environment, through the use of eco-friendly processes, is a priority for Kobo Products and allows a range of its products to bear the Ecocert label. Like those visiting it, whether American or French, casual tourists or regular walkers, Kobo Products employees are committed to protecting this symbol of French industrial heritage and are delighted to make a contribution to it today.”

  • “Our company Leboat, a member of TUI Group, the world’s leading tour operator, opted to join the Business Sponsors Club which has set up financing measures for the canal du Midi bank replanting scheme. We have been operating a fleet of hire boats in the area for more than 30 years. It seemed to us to be essential to join this Sponsors Club which aims to preserve the banks of the canal du Midi. These plane trees, mostly of a great age, are an iconic image of the canal but they will all be cut down sooner or later. We must leave our successors, travellers and children a healthy and original landscape to enjoy. We could all do more. The French internal waterways authority, VNF, the government, Europe and the Sponsors are already greatly involved in this replanting process, but new donors need to be generated to increase the pace of the work underway. As we all know, under these circumstances, unity is essential. Working together with the appropriate resources we can succeed. We are also expecting a great deal from the teams of students that have recently received an award for their research on canker stain. We hope that a “clean” solution will be found very quickly to save the remaining plane trees.”

  • “We have been working for 25 years to share our passion for this local asset, the canal du Midi, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, a listing we very much hope it will retain. We want the vegetation cover and banks to be kept, as the plane trees provide comfort and represent the very image of the canal du Midi. Saving the canal du Midi also means saving the tools of our trade.”

  • Les Canalous & VNF join forces to preserve the heritage and ecological diversity of the canal du Midi. “Les Canalous has been committed to safeguarding the ecosystem and tree replanting for the last three years. Les Canalous decided to join forces with the French internal waterways authority, Voies Navigables de France, to help make their huge canal du Midi replanting scheme a success, large numbers of trees having had to be felled after becoming infected with canker stain. It is consistent with its commitment to preserving the environment that Les Canalous is involved in ensuring that the attractive icon that is the canal du Midi lasts.”

  • “Celliers Jean d’Alibert – wine merchants and bottlers – and the cooperative producers that own it all have deep roots in the area. The firm’s geographical location in the middle of the Minervois AOC wine-growing region, through which the Canal du Midi runs, its attachment to the beauty of its landscape and quality of its environment, its economic influence and direct link with many local stakeholders, and its investment strategy including structured management of natural and energy resources are just some of the reasons behind our support for local heritage that attracts tourists and the canal’s preservation. The canal du Midi is part of that heritage; it is a powerful symbol of our cultural, environmental and historical identity. We think it is important to help safeguard it.” Philippe Lauret, chairman of the executive board, Les Celliers Jean d’Alibert

  • “For us, located on the canal du Midi at Poilhes, where we produce La Gorge Fraîche, a 100%-natural craft beer, helping safeguard this outstanding element of our heritage was the obvious thing to do.”
    “Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS has been established in the Midi-Pyrénées region for more than 60 years, in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) and Campsas (Tarn-et-Garonne), and is committed to the economic and human development of the region. As a responsible company, it was completely natural for us to make a commitment to protecting the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO world heritage site. We are proud to take part in the replanting project to preserve this iconic ecological and tourist site.”
  • “LIBES and SOPESUD are both are established in Béziers and Montpellier and work in the house painting sector. Their activities mainly target public authority and private clients and the service industry. Their long-standing and lasting commitment takes the form of membership of the R.Q,E. (Recherche Qualité Environnementale - Environmental quality research). We felt it was relevant and important to join the club of businesses sponsoring the Canal du Midi in order to contribute to the survival of this exceptional asset, which is part of our local heritage, and to share our love for the new region bordering the canal.”

  • “Locaboat Holidays, with its unique fleet of 400 boats and barges, has specialised in tourism on inland waterways for more than 35 years. Season after season, we welcome customers from all over the world to explore the canal du Midi, its residents, natural beauty, and wealth of tourist and cultural interest. So naturally Locaboat Holidays has joined the scheme to finance the replanting of the canal, so as to work in some practical way towards preserving this superb feature of our heritage.”

    “ The Château de Pennautier is a designated Historic Monument and was built by Bernard de Pennautier during the reign of Louis XIII. It has been a family estate since 1620. This classical château, a rarity in the Languedoc region, was partly designed by Le Vau and its park is the work of Le Nôtre. It is situated at the heart of the Languedoc region and since that time has combined a beautiful site with excellent vineyards. Nicolas and Miren de Lorgeril are direct descendants of the Pennautiers and over the last 15 years have renovated the castle which now welcomes increasing numbers of visitors. They have also renovated the vineyard, located at the heart of the AOC region whose wines they produce and export worldwide. The château was very closely linked to the construction of the Canal du Midi which Pierre Louis de Pennautier was actively involved in funding. Following in the footsteps of Colbert, he was also passionate about the economic development of the Languedoc. It is only natural that Pennautier should maintain its links with this piece of living history by providing its sponsorship.”

  • It is important for Master Films, an audiovisual company based in Toulouse for 30 years, and his partner Mativi, the regional web tv, to support Voies Navigables de France (VNF, the French internal waterways authority) for the restoration of the trees along the canal du Midi. Everyday, through our expertise, we try to promote our region and its agents. In line with our companies’values, backing this project was obvious in order to preserve this threatened part of our heritage for the future generations. We hope the canal du Midi, as part of our beautiful and dynamic Occitan region, will remain one of the ideal places for the nature lovers and the admirers of technical achievements.

  • “As engineers, our role is to contribute to innovative projects. We use technologies that are changing very quickly, but we are the heirs of a history and sense of aesthetics that guide what we do. Supporting the canal du Midi scheme is a natural fit with our values.”

  • “Malet naturally joined this scheme, which meets our requirements in terms of social responsibility and fit with our values. The Toulouse region is the birthplace of Malet, and the people who work there are very fond of their region’s heritage. The canal du Midi and its plane trees are part of our firm’s culture and history. We can but work to preserve it.”

  • “We felt it is important, as a business on the canal du Midi, to help and contribute towards safeguarding it within this sponsorship scheme run by the French internal waterways authority, Voies Navigables de France. It is an icon, known and recognised in much of the world, and it warrants very special attention. Nicol’s is happy to be able to provide support, where it can, to safeguard this feat of engineering forming part of the world’s heritage.”

  • “Les éditions Loubatières, which became Nouvelles Éditions Loubatières in 2001, was founded in Toulouse in 1977 and to date has published more than 700 works devoted to history and heritage. The publishing house's commitment to the preservation of the Canal du Midi is long-standing. In 1992, Les éditions Loubatières published Le Canal Royal de Languedoc, le partage des eaux, (The royal canal of Languedoc, the division of the waters), together with the VNFs and CAUE (Conseil d’Architecture, d’Urbanisme et de l’Environnement - Architectural, town planning and environmental advice) 31, which formed part of the application to have the Canal classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The work was re-printed in 2009. To date, the publishing house has devoted no fewer than 16 works to the Canal du Midi and the Canal de Garonne and it is in this spirit of continuity that it now makes a commitment to protecting this exceptional site.”

  • “Nutrition & Santé does not undertake much sponsorship. But is not possible to live in an area for over 40 years and not share its concerns. In the same way that we wanted to partner Biovallée Lauragais, we are keen to take part in this scheme put together for the canal du Midi. Our regional roots are a key element in our identity, and for our customers and various stakeholders, our location close to a UNESCO World Heritage site is meaningful. We recognise the innovative and pioneering aspects behind the ingeniousness of the canal’s design by men who overcame the obstacles in their path. Undertaking to preserve this outstanding feat of engineering to benefit future generations means believing in the canal du Midi’s future, believing that solutions can be found, and therefore believing in looking forward, taking part in a shared future. All of which are values Nutrition & Santé shares and which explain why we joined the canal du Midi Business Sponsors Club.” 

  • “The Orpea Midi-Pyrénées-Languedoc-Roussillon and Aquitaine-Limousin regional divisions run some fifty care homes for the elderly. Over the last few years, they have been involved in a socially-focused inter-generational programme called “Generation springtime”. The canal du Midi is a powerful symbol of the geographic, historic and economic ties that bind the people in these two regions. So quite naturally, our homes are involved in this inter-generational project and the canal du Midi sponsorship scheme.”

  • “Because the environmental assessment of a business goes beyond mere figures, preserving the canal du Midi is an issue for Ouattitude, and the local area is also a set of culturally, historically and aesthetically diverse features making our shared space into something meaningful to be safeguarded.”

  •  Pergam, a management company created in 2001 by Olivier Combastet, is aware of the importance of preserving the Canal du Midi. The company, which has already invested in agricultural land in South America for its clients, is always willing to work to save remarkable species and manage heritage in a reasonable manner. At the beginning of the century, the Ancienne Maison Gerbaud in Narbonne, which belongs to the Combastet family, used the canal to transport the wine that it bought and sold. Now, 150 years later, this company belongs to the same family and is active in various sectors, particularly through Pergam. We are especially happy and proud to contribute to preserving this royal work.

“Our customers travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles to experience a coast, weather and natural lifestyle, which we must therefore preserve, as custodians of our heritage, and aware of the appeal all these factors bring. The canal du Midi is perhaps the lead attraction….”

  • “Sameole Sud-Ouest is a company whose core business is developing renewable energy generation projects. Our commitment to the environment includes the firm belief that energy transition and changing energy consumption practices are a matter of urgency. To us, the canal du Midi is a symbol of the connection between the past and future that we must strive to preserve.”

“The canal du Midi is the work of an engineering genius, a heritage feature so in keeping with the landscape that it looks natural. We, meanwhile, operate information channels from Le Lauragais rather than water channels, so we are showing inter-channel solidarity!”

  • “The canal du Midi is part of our company’s immediate environment. SEV works all along the canal du Midi, and some of its staff live on it, so quite naturally Stéphanie Chanot, the company chairman, wanted to support the replanting scheme. It is important to us as the canal du Midi’s neighbours, admirers and business operators that this huge challenge is successfully met."

“Our campsite can accommodate 6,000 and is famed across Europe, firstly for its location right on the beach, secondly for the quality of its services and infrastructure. We are one of the top 16 campsites in Europe as a result. All our efforts will be for nothing if the surrounding area loses its originality and history. The canal du Midi is the enduring image of the landscape in this region.”

  • “LIBES and SOPESUD are both are established in Béziers and Montpellier and work in the house painting sector. Their activities mainly target public authority and private clients and the service industry. Their long-standing and lasting commitment takes the form of membership of the R.Q,E. (Recherche Qualité Environnementale - Environmental quality research). We felt it was relevant and important to join the club of businesses sponsoring the Canal du Midi in order to contribute to the survival of this exceptional asset, which is part of our local heritage, and to share our love for the new region bordering the canal.”

  • “The canal du Midi is an outstanding heritage feature and absolutely must be safeguarded. What’s more, as I take my mountain bike out every Saturday along the banks of the canal, I cannot resign myself to seeing all those trees disappear.” Guy Spanghero, Chairman

  • “Combining economic effectiveness, social progress and environmental friendliness is an objective that guides SPIE Sud-Ouest in everything it does. As a business with a local presence, we quite naturally committed to contribute towards VNF’s safeguarding of this local feature of our heritage.”

    “STIRAM has a strong commitment to social action, in particular for the benefit of the Maison des Ados (youth support centres) in Montpellier and the Hérault département (STIART artistic action). For us, sponsoring the Canal du Midi means remaining faithful to Paul Riquet’s entrepreneurial spirit and at the same time being a player in the artistic history of the canal, that true link carved out of the land of the Midi.”

“Already invested in a sustainable development approach in multiple aspects, the Domaine de la Dragonnière held today to strengthen its commitment in supporting the preservation programm of the trees that are magnifiying the banks of this historical, local and landscape jewel that is the canal du Midi.”

  • “The first time that I heard about the canal du Midi sponsorship and the extraordinary scheme to save the trees lining its banks was at a Club Réussir meeting organised by Françoise Barutello. I subsequently attended an introductory meeting of the Sponsors Club, with its vice-chairman Bernard Keller, and his speech raised my awareness immediately. Our line of business is directly related with environmental issues, so this scheme was bound to appeal to us. My company and I are happy and proud to contribute to this effort and that we hope will culminate in complete success.” Jean-Jacques Windisch, CEO.

  • “Toulouse FM, the leading local radio station in the area, decided to support the French inland waterways authority VNF in its canal du Midi sponsorship scheme because it wants to be a socially responsible business within its operating region. The canal du Midi is such an iconic feature of the Toulouse area that it is essential to help with replanting the trees so it can remain as it was always intended to be. “Toulouse FM wants to help financially as a business sponsor and also by giving media coverage to the scheme, a worthy successor to the original work on building the canal.”

  • “Very much attached to its deep roots in its operating area, Transdev Midi-Pyrénées Languedoc-Roussillon has naturally offered its support to the efforts intended to preserve a cultural, economic and iconic feature of the our region’s heritage.”

" Resourcing the world. With 160 years of expertise in the areas of water, energy and waste, Veolia applies its capacity for innovation to pursuing human progress and wellbeing, and improving the performance of businesses in a sustainable way. Veolia achieves these goals while actively helping the regions in which it operates to grow, in line with its commitment to sustainable development. Committed to preserve the environment in all its aspects, VEOLIA is particularly sensitive to the canal’s future and its preservation. Therefore, joining the Sponsors Club to contribute to the survival of this exceptional heritage was important to us. "


“Just as the Canal du Midi was an exceptional and revolutionary project in its time, we are working to put in place an energy transition that will be one of the most significant projects of the 21st century. We are working on the development of an energy system in order to ensure the true integration of the environmental component and allow the natural and historic heritage to be protected. Our participation in the replanting project is fully within this framework in terms of conservation, enhancement and our vision of the future.”

  • “As a company, Volkswind contributes to sustainability while attaching great importance to heritage and its conservation. This being so, supporting the measures taken to preserve the outstanding feature of our heritage that is the canal du Midi is a natural extension of our company’s philosophy.”

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