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The canal du Midi Business Sponsors Club is one of the three campaign mechanisms employed to collect part of the funding required to replant the canal du Midi, in the same vein as galvanising the general public’s involvement and recruiting major donors (private individuals and major French businesses).

It is targeting all small businesses and manufacturers located or operating in areas crossed by the Canal du Midi wishing to contribute to a unique, iconic sponsorship scheme.

To become a member, send your duly completed pledge by mail to the sponsorship scheme at following address:

Mission Mécénat, Voies Navigables de France

2, Port Saint-Étienne

FR - 31 073 TOULOUSE Cedex 7

or by email to mission-mecenat@vnf.fr



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Membership grades

Choose the level that suits you best from five levels of donation:

Beneficial tax advantages 

If you are tax-resident in France, you can deduct 60% of your membership fee from your French corporation tax.

Exclusive advantages for your company

  1. Be part of a selctive circle of institutionnal and business leaders :
    • // You gain the benefit of excellent opportunities for discussion with the French internal waterways authority, Voies Navigables de France, and its partners: ministries, local authorities, tourist and waterways industry business federations, major donors, etc.
    • // Depending on your membership grade, you have access to more customised information – business reports, lectures, private visits, etc.
  2. Improve the visibility of your business through your association with an iconic scheme:
    Depending on your membership grade, you may receive media coverage in connection with promoting the canal du Midi replanting scheme:
    • // Specific press relations (conferences, releases, etc.),
    • // Communication efforts with the general public.
  3. Your employees are involved in a socially responsible business project:
    • // In-house publicity about the impact of your support (local roots, environmental and heritage issues),
    • //  Depending on your membership grade, you can gain preferential access to certain prestigious locations along the canal to hold private events.
  4. You can deduct your membership fee from your corporation tax (for companies located in France):
    As a publicly-funded institution overseen by the Ministry with responsibility for transport, the French internal waterways authority, Voies Navigables de France, is authorised to receive donations from natural and legal persons.
    • // You can deduct 60% of the membership fee from your corporation tax, up to a maximum of 0.5% of your turnover,
    • // Under tax rules governing sponsorship, you can also receive benefits from VNF worth up to 20% of your membership fee.

For more information, please download the brochure or contact your representative for the VNF South-West area:

Pascal Vinet, Sponsorship special advisor
2, port Saint-Etienne
FR-310173 TOULOUSE Cedex 7

email : pascal.vinet[at]vnf.fr

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