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The purpose of the canal du Midi Business Sponsors Club is to act as a focal point for all business organisations wishing to help preserve the canal, a symbol of southern France's ecology, economy and heritage.

Aware of the need for widespread involvement given the scale of the challenge faced, its members share the same belief, that saving the canal du Midi requires an effort from everyone affected by its development whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Members of the canal du Midi Business Sponsors Club are consequently stakeholders in their own right in promoting the canal du Midi replanting scheme. To this end, their opinion is valued by the French internal waterways authority, Voies Navigables de France, which is heading the scheme, and its partners. They support the communication efforts aimed at raising awareness in various areas (business, the media, institutions, the genral public) through press conferences, events, etc.

The annual memebership fees paid by memebers of the canal du Midi Business Sponsors Club are forwarded in full to the canal du Midi replanting scheme.


A word from the CEO of Voies Navigables de France

"As a World Heritage Site, the canal du Midi is a unique art piece of work in the world.

This emblem of Occitania's region,  known for its works and its aligment of monumental trees, is today threatened in its integrity. For several years, a microscopic fungus, the colored canker, destroy the plane trees constituted this unique arch which seduces and captivates the tourists of the whole world. To fight this scourge, a vast slaughter and replanting program has been developed and implemented by Voies navigables de France.

 Estimated at more than 200 million euros, this program requires the mobilization of the greatest number of pople and in particular private actors.

This is why, beyond individual suppport, VNF has chosen to partner with local businesses that ere particularly committed to this heritage and who wish us to safeguard it for future generations.

With already more than 60 companies of all sizes, the Business Sponsors Club has become a key player in this program.

By ensuring this social and environmental responsability, the memeber companies find themselves around a unique ambition, to guarantee the replanting of the canal du Midi for the benefit of the heritage, the environment and the economy of Occitania's territories.

I invite you to discover our action and to join us very soon."


Thierry Guimbaud


Voies Navigables de France

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