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The “Canal du Midi, My story, Our history” campaign emphasises the special bond which links
the French people and all the inhabitants of the territories of this touristic and ecological heritage.

Its objective? Paving the way to meet the challenge of replanting trees affected by canker stain,
an incurable disease which threatens the 42 000 plane trees adorning the banks of the canal.

Saving the canal du Midi is a challenge that we face together.

To participate in the campaign "Give canal du Midi a new life!" you can act now in any way you want:
by volunteering, informing and mobilizing people around you, making a donation to benefit the project, organizing your own event, or posting your best photos of the canal and participating in the photo contest, for example.

The higher our numbers, the more we will be able to preserve the plant heritage of the Canal du Midi! Join the Canal du Midi replanting community!

Join the canal du Midi replanting community and take action today by and sharing this campaign right away via the following links: To download the leaflet, click here (in French).


How to make a donation ?

- You can pay by bank or postal cheque to the order of Mission Mécénat VNF (French Waterways Institution) and send it to us at the followinf address :

Direction territoriale du Sud-Ouest

2 Port St Etienne, BP 7204

31073 Toulouse Cedex 7

- You can paid by credit card directly on our secure internet form by clicking here : Make a donation


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