Our commitment to biodiversity

Why and how to protect the biodiversity of the canal du Midi ?

Fauna and flora inventories conducted by VNF alonf the Canal du Midi as part of the replanting project have been shown that the disappearance of plane trees destroys habitats of protected species, particularly birds and bats.

80% of bird species and 100% of bat species are protected by franch law.

To compensate for the disappearance of their habitat, a large installation of nesting boxes and bat houses is being conducted simultaneously with the replanting operation. VNF has surrounded itself with the best specialists to create perfectly adapted habitats for different species and to monitor their effectiveness once installed.

Zoom on the installation of birdhouses and bat houses :

Bird nesting boxes and bat roosting campaigns started in 2015 with the installation of more than 100 bird houses, and continued in 2016 and 2017 with the laying of 800 nesting boxes.

These first operations will be followed by other campaigns for about 1,800 installations along the canal du Midi.

The installed intallations are of several types, in order to adapt to the various species of targered birds :

  •  Versatile birdhouses for the European Roller (present only at the east of the canal du Midi), the little owl and the eurasian scops owl.
  • More specefic nesting boxes for spotted flycatcher and the stock dove.
  • Finally, bat houses are planned to cover the need of spring-summer and winter roost, depending on their shape and the thickness of the wood used. The use of installations by bats remains unknown and represents an interesting experiment on this scale.