Our safeguarding program

The key figures

VNF's missions as part of its program to safeguard the canal revolve around several axes, which include the replanting of the trees, the strengthening of the banks previously held by the roots of the plane trees and the installation of nesting boxes to relocate the birds who lodged in their cavities.

  • 410 birdhouses installed in 2017, so 890 installed since 2006
  • 2,500 trees replanted in 2017, so 8,100 replanted since 2006 (including trees being planted)
  • 3,200 sick or dead plane trees felled in 2017, so 20,500 plane trees felled since 2006
  • 7.6 km of banks redeveloped and stabilized in 2017, so 16.4km of banks restored since 2006
  • 180 projects carried out in 2017 for felling, plantations and bank

To develop this major project, reflecting the current era and the value of this work, VNF has summoned multidisciplinary teams, bringing together specialists, scientists and experts in heritage, historical, arboreal and landscaping fields.

This mobilization allows us to fight against the disease, and to ensure the safety of the users of the canal.

Selected species for replanting

To retain the tree-lined canopy of the canal, the replanting programme has prioritised new species selected for their height and potential shading. The replanting shall reflect the iconic plant-type motif of the canal du Midi: symmetrically aligned and spaced at regular intervals 7 to 8 metres apart, with each millstream devoted to the planting of a single species except in specific cases.



This ambitious restoration project requires a budget of 200 million euros excluding contract management work.

To implement the project, we need:

For more information about the replanting program, please check our local office website (in French).

The higher our numbers, the more we will be able to preserve the plant heritage of the Canal du Midi! Join the Canal du Midi replanting community!

Through your donation, you will be funding the replanting programme for the next six months. If we join forces, we can replant more and more trees.


Get more information about our safeguarding program (in french)

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