Let’s work together to preserve the canal du Midi

The canal du Midi, a unique architectural wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is currently being ravaged by canker stain, a disease that threatens its plane trees and biodiversity as a whole. Together, let’s replant new tree species for future generations.

Discover the canal du Midi

What is this incurable disease
that is threatening the canal?

Since 2006, the canal du Midi’s plane trees have been attacked by canker stain, a microscopic fungus that decimates them in just a matter of months. There is only one solution to overcoming this scourge: cut down and burn dead or infected trees and replant new species.


Key figures
of the replanting program

cajas nido instaladas desde 2006

km de riberas restaurados desde 2011

árboles replantados desde 2011

plátanos talados desde 2006

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