In partnership with committed artists and businesses, the Voies Navigables de France patronage program has various items for sale, and part of the proceeds is donated to the canal du Midi replanting project.

“Canal du Midi” posters by Marcel Travel

Three new “vintage” creations resulting from the collaboration between Voies Navigables de France and Marcel Travel Posters, pioneers of vintage posters in France, highlight the beauty of this jewel in the crown of Occitanie. For each poster sold in 50 x 70 format for €29, €2 will be donated to the canal du Midi replanting project. This gesture of solidarity aims to combine artistic creation with environmental preservation.
Posters are available on Marcel Travel Posters’ website or in partner stores throughout France.

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The children's book, "Violette Mirgue: Le trésor du canal du Midi"

In this 6th volume in the series by Marie-Constance Mallard, Violette takes young readers on an adventure to discover the canal du Midi.
The canal du Midi is in danger! A terrible microscopic fungus, nicknamed “chancrignons,” is attacking its trees. If all the trees die, the animals who live along the canal will need to find new homes. With the help of Cluque, the intrepid Violette Mirgue must find Riquet’s treasure to stop the fungus and save the habitats of all these small animals. But first, she has to bring together all these inhabitants of the canal…

In addition to enjoying an exciting adventure, young readers will learn about the animals that live along the canal (Eurasian scops owl, Eurasian blue tit, European roller, etc.) and the trees to be replanted to save it (oak, maple, linden, etc.). They’ll also learn to count! For every book sold (€13.90), €1 is donated to the replanting project. The books are available on the FNAC’s website or in partner stores throughout France.

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The book of photographs, "Canal du Midi, l'Eau et les siècles"

The release of “canal du Midi, l’Eau et les siècles,” resulting from the partnership between the prefecture of the Occitanie region, Voies Navigables de France and the publisher Privat, represents a common goal to ensure that the history of the Canal du Midi transcends borders for centuries to come.
Its authors, Gwenaëlle Guerlavais and Arnaud Späni, take the reader on a literary, historical and photographic journey to discover the Canal du Midi. The book is a collection of first-hand accounts, portraits and stories of the women and men who have contributed to keeping the canal alive, and illustrates the daily lives of those who continue to do so today: lock keepers, barge owners, charities, local residents, and more.

"Nougaro, autour de minuit" by the Archipels choir

The VNF patronage program, the Maison Nougaro, the charity “Les Eléments” and the corporate foundation Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31 have teamed up on a solidarity project to benefit the Canal du Midi: a CD dedicated to Claude Nougaro, an iconic figure of southwest France. This collection of his greatest hits covered by the Archipels choir costs €20, €1 of which will be donated to Voies Navigables de France and €1 to Maison Nougaro.
You can get yours from the Les Eléments offices (15, Rue de la Pleau 31000 Toulouse) or online from partner resellers.


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The Riquet collection of Thilleon hand-crafted pens

These unique ballpoint pens are unique, just like the canal du Midi, and are the fruit of a partnership between the VNF patronage program and Thilleon pens, based in the Ardennes. From this new collaboration comes a range of wooden pens called “Riquet” — a tribute to the man who created the canal itself. Thirty “Riquet” pens will be released over the next ten years. The first three — Lauragais, Malpas and Naurouze — are available to buy on Thilleon’s website. For each Riquet pen sold, 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the canal du Midi replanting project. This solidarity action is supported by shared environmental values.
The pens are on sale for between €89 and €99. Learn more and get yours at visit

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