Who is VNF?

With more than 4,000 employees, Voies Navigables de France maintains, operates and develops the largest waterway network in Europe: 6,500 km of rivers, canals and canalized rivers, 4,000 civil engineering structures (locks, dams, canal bridges, etc.) and 40,000 hectares of public river domain. Through its ambitious river projects, VNF responds to three major societal expectations.

Our missions

Promote sustainable river logistics

On the major waterway network, VNF is above all boosting the competitiveness of inland waterway transport and its integration into supply chains through high-capacity infrastructures and efficient services, and by striving to leave an ever-smaller environmental footprint.

Contribute to the tourism economy, regional development and quality of life

The aim is to not only work together with local actors to support activities with high potential, but also to provide a seasonal tourism offer adapted to the use of the routes, develop spaces dedicated to leisure activities and enhance the heritage that embodies the region’s identity.

Manage the hydraulic network

by ensuring the safety of structures and the different uses of water according to the needs of local populations, farmers and industrialists, and combating floods and water scarcity. VNF is also taking part in the energy transition by developing hydroelectricity and preserving biodiversity within a natural and living space.

Our commitment to biodiversity

Preserving species and natural environments is one of Voies Navigables de France’s top priorities. In the aquatic environment as well as on the banks, VNF is working to restore natural habitats and maintain ecological continuity.




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