08 Mar 2022
02 May 2022
Public event

Patrice Rouzière Exhibition at the Côte du Midi-Somail Tourist Office (11)

From March 8 to April 25, discover Patrice Rouzière’s watercolors of the canal du Midi at his “Lumières du Midi” [Lights of the Midi] exhibition.

Patrice Rouzière is an artist from Toulouse. While he was studying at the National School of Decorative Arts (1982-1986) in Paris, his musician friends encouraged him to work during orchestra rehearsals. His paintings on the theme of music, which he developed over a period of twenty years, are pictorial scores that integrate the calligraphic aspect of musical writing with visual and sound sensations.

On returning to Toulouse, Patrice Rouzière turned to the landscapes of his region and the various countries discovered during his travels. His energetic painting expresses intense impatience and joy, a style of painting that surges from the body. Part of its interest lies in an abundance and accumulation of pictorial matter, where patches of color and layers of impasto vigorously applied give the painting its structure. The layering brings to life a certain freshness on the canvas as well as a sensation of perpetual movement of color, as if still in fusion or developing. Amidst wildly jostling shapes, a sculpted light appears on occasion to offer a moment of tranquility in a corner of the sky. A dialogue is established between the figurative and the abstract, moving from one to the other to depict the true feeling of the landscape and not merely its representation.


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