17 Nov 2022
Reserved for the Club of corporate sponsors of the Canal du Midi

Patrons Club Evening – Patronage Awards Ceremony

The Voies navigables de France patronage program is pleased to invite the members of the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club to the Domaine de Preissac for an awards ceremony on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

The Domaine de Preissac, an exceptional wooded setting sprawling across more than 136 hectares, with its typical Toulouse red brick architecture, will be the ideal place to thank our patrons for their support in restoring the tree-lined canopy of the canal du Midi.

On the program, Léo Primard and Célia Poncelin, authors of the book Twomorrow, will tell us about their European van tour in search of solutions to climate change and will deliver an interactive presentation on ecological transition.

For the Twomorrow project, Léo and Célia interviewed 17 companies in the most CO2-emitting fields (heating, hydrogen, energy, etc.) and which, through their approaches, are reducing their impact on the planet. Based on these interviews, they have written a positive book that offers concrete solutions.

On the program:

7:00 pm: Welcoming the guests and aperitif

Speech by Léo Primard and Célia Poncelin

8:00 pm: Patronage awards ceremony

8:30 pm: Drinks and hors-d’oeuvres

10:30 pm: End of the event

For more information and to get your tickets, contact Julie Birs

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