Open-air cinemas made their comeback this summer

Every year, the Voies navigables de France Patronage program organizes events as part of the canal du Midi replanting program. This summer, open-air and solidarity cinemas made a comeback on the canal du Midi. At the gates of Toulouse on an exceptional estate, or in Cruzy in the garden of the Château de Sériège, here is a look back at two evenings dedicated to the seventh art, for the benefit of the canal du Midi.

Solidarity cinema at Le Mas des Canelles

The first open-air movie night of the season took place on July 11. For the third year in a row, the event was held at Le Mas des Canelles, in Castanet Tolosan. In partnership with Cinéfol31 and, the event was organized by the Voies navigables de France Patronage program and the Miharu Group, the site manager, which once again agreed to support the cause of defending the work of Pierre-Paul Riquet. On the agenda: a delicious meal prepared with local produce, a unique setting on the banks of the canal du Midi and an extraordinary biopic on the life of Judy Garland, “Judy”.

The event was attended by 134 people and €1,200 was raised for the canal du Midi replanting program.

Solidarity cinema at the Château de Sériège

The second movie night of the summer was held at the Château de Sériège in Cruzy, an idyllic location with a history closely linked to that of the canal du Midi. On August 11, Cécile and Barthélémy d’Andoque de Sériège opened the park of their castle to host the event. The Association Les Amis du Château de Sériège, in partnership with Voies navigables de France and, organized the event, which was a first. The program featured a tasting of the estate’s wines followed by a musical film by Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis, “Yesterday”.

On this occasion, 170 people gathered in a rustic and friendly atmosphere. €1,700 was collected for the replanting of trees on the canal du Midi.

Movie nights continue! Join us on September 17 for the last open-air cinema of the year with the screening of the film “The Shape of Water” by Guillermo del Toro, at the Cale de Radoub. This site, usually closed to the public, where boats and barges come all year round to be repaired, is one of the most unique sites in Toulouse. It is also classified as a French Historical Monument.


More information here: Open-air film screening at the Cale de Radoub – Let’s replant the canal du Midi




Photo credits: Le Mas des Canelles/Château de Sériège/Anabellemy

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