Second edition of the canal du Midi Ultra-Marathon

Surpassing limits to support cultural heritage, with the 2022 edition of the canal du Midi Ultra-Marathon! Hamim El Ouardi is all set to take on a new challenge along the canal du Midi to support the replanting project.

A solidarity race

After covering the 241 km of this exceptional feat of engineering in three stages during the first edition of this sports race, Hamim is returning to his birthplace for a new challenge: 6 km paddling, 180 km cycling and 42.195 km running, starting from the Onglous lighthouse. An exploit applauded by Voies navigables de France, which initiated the project to replant the canal du Midi.

Hamim El Ouardi is a sports coach and sports instructor for prison inmates who is driven by the desire to surpass himself. A native of Aude, he has always been attached to the canal du Midi with its strolls under the plane trees, bike rides along the banks and the life that stretches along this waterway.

It was at the beginning of the year that he embarked on the canal du Midi Ultra-Marathon, a challenge that reflects his personality and is in keeping with his values because it supports the project to replant the canal’s tree canopy. On February 25, he ran six marathons after 20 months of self-training. He rose to the challenge with flying colors. So now in 2022, this fan of the canal du Midi is embarking on a new formidable race supporting the work of Pierre-Paul Riquet.

Everyone who is physically fit is encouraged to take part and back this race by joining Hamim during this new edition of the canal du Midi Ultra-Marathon: Canalman !

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