Associations can choose to support the Canal du Midi replanting programme by collectively mobilising their members.

We are grateful to already have the support of a number of associations, including groups that love the canal, protect the local environment, and promote a certain way of life. 


The Association of Former Sailors from Vesoul and Surrounding Areas: an association that has been around for 68 years. Located in Vesoul (area code: 70000).


The Association of the Banks of the Canal was created in 2006. It combines fun activities (hobbies, organised meetings, card games, outings, hikes and ATVs) with protection (environmental safety, protecting and defending the rights of co-owners, relationships with managers, etc.).


Friends of Mediterranean Parks and Gardens (APJM): A non-profit association of garden lovers who visit public and private gardens, attend gardening classes, and trade Mediterranean plants.



ANPEI is a non-profit association created in 1985 that works to preserve the heritage of our rivers by developing tourism around rivers, advising communities and protecting people’s rights to access rivers. As part of its efforts to protect the heritage of our rivers, ANPEI supports the patronage programme launched by VNF to protect the Canal du Midi. 


The Environmental Protection Association: this association works to protect and divide up the environment. It has been asked to participate in local development plans (PLUs) and other local organisational projects, local plans to prevent major risks (floods, natural and industrial disasters, etc.), meetings of local informational committees (CLIs), and consultations in areas near nuclear power plants as a well as in consultations organised by the national public debate commission (CNDP) before major construction of infrastructure.


Club Soroptimist Association: a service club and a global network of working women. It is present in fifty European countries and has 125 clubs in France. There are two clubs in Toulouse: The Club de Toulouse, founded in 1937, and the Club Toulouse Ariane, founded in 1993. Created by Suzanne Noël, a plastic surgeon who performed reconstructive facial surgery, this women’s association brings together working women who want to use their skills to help communities locally, nationally, and internationally by supporting human rights and empowering women.


The National Association of Amateur Boaters: Our association is affiliated with UNAN (the National Union of Sailing Associations). The Association of Amateur Boaters aims to support and protect users of boat motors and amateur sailors in general when dealing with industrialists, manufacturers and distributors of boats, motors, accessories or any other product, brand or service relating to amateur boating in general.


 Sports Association of the Toulouse Centre of Aeronautical Tests (CEAT) 

Colomiers Mountain Club: affiliated with the FFRP (French Hiking Federation), the Colomiers Mountain Club aims to promote and lead hikes for people who love discovery and spending time with friends.


Delta Entrepreneur Toulouse Business School: TBS gives each and every student the opportunity to carry out a one-year project in a field of their choice to develop a service, create a business, help an association, or organise sporting events, among other activities.



Morinka (no description): promoting Morinka culture


Réseau Dirigeant.Net: an association for business leaders who want to share information, skills, knowledge and resources. The network is growing and now includes leaders from the Midi-Pyrénées region, enthusiastic men and women who are always ready to welcome leaders looking to improve their own performance as well as the performance of their business.



Rotary District 1700: For its part, District 1700 oversees clubs in the Hérault, Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales, Ariège, Tarn, Haute-Garonne, Tarn-et-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers, and Lot departments of France as well as in the Principality of Andorra. The main purpose of the association is to bring together a wide a range of skills, aptitudes and networks as possible in order to work together to serve our communities.

Living in Daurade is an association founded in 1996. Its goal is to ensure a normal life for the inhabitants of the Daurade Quarter of Toulouse by fighting against any problems that might arise, especially noise issues, and by working to protect and develop the area. The association is concerned about biodiversity and aware of the exceptional quality of the heritage that is the Canal du Midi plants. It has therefore decided to help save that heritage by making a donation to replant the canal.



The Toulouse Pierre-Paul Riquet Association is organising logistics so that members of French rowing clubs will be able to participate in hikes organised in France and throughout Europe. For thirty-three years, it has also organised the annual Canal du Midi Rally. Since the association considers the Canal du Midi a part of its DNA, it has decided to contribute to saving this UNESCO world heritage site.



The CLAP Gallery of Art 


The Office du Tourisme du Somail dans le Grand Narbonne


The Office du Tourisme du Somail dans le Grand Narbonne and The Clap Gallery of Art in Paraza have contributed to raise awareness among tourists and canal's users throughout a magnificent art exhibition from July 5th to August 31st 2016. The 30% of the sales' benefits have been donated to canal du Midi's replanting. 

Several festivals have also been created:


Festival of the Huts between Magrie and Cournanel: For the past seven years, winemakers and around 50 volunteers have worked to rehabilitate the vineyard huts along a 5-kilometre stretch connecting two small towns at the base of the Pic de Brau. Their work is motivated by a desire for sustainable development and a desire to highlight the region’s landscapes and biodiversity. 


CanalissimÔ: The CanalissimÔ Festival began in 2009 thanks to the municipality of Portiragnes, the tourism office, and Philippe Calas, a deputy for culture and tourism. The festival is dedicated to the Canal du Midi. It includes an evening with shows, concerts, street art, storytelling, circus acts, and photography. CanalissimÔ has become a representative of VNF and it collects donations after every show for the Replant the Canal du Midi project.


Convivencia: The Convivencia Festival follows the Canal du Midi and offers different musical entertainment at each stop.
This festival, which was created in 1996, has become an important event for the Canal du Midi. Today, it is an indispensable tool for helping develop the canal.






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