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Replanting the canal means preserving an exceptional heritage

To preserve the canal du Midi traditional, ecological and economic wealth, it is urgent to cut down the ill plane trees and replant new trees.

The campaign

Let’s take action to replant the canal trees!

Show your involvement and your affection for the canal du Midi by making a donation. By joining forces, we can replant more and more trees.

Get involved

My donation is crucial for saving the canal!

By contributing now, you are helping to fund the replanting program for the next 1.000 trees. During winter 2013, ill plane trees will be replaced by canker stain resisting-species.


Contest: the canal in pictures

Discover the photo contest winners, who will enjoy one of the prizes: a one week cruise along the canal, a mini iPad, a "Lomo Fisheye" Lomography camera, or t-shirts of the campaign.

I support the project and I remain informed