First event of the year for the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club

The first event of the year for the Patrons Business Club took place on Thursday, March 24, 2022, at L’Appart, 37 rue de Metz in Toulouse. On the program, speeches, encounters and discussions while enjoying a cocktail reception.

It was a real pleasure to gather together and share an evening of camaraderie!

On March 24, the representatives of the canal du Midi patron businesses had the pleasure of meeting and spending time talking together in a unique location in Toulouse: L’Appart Team One.

During this event, we were lucky enough to have welcomed guests such as Henri Bouyssès, VNF’s South-West Director, Cécile Dufraisse, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse in charge of rivers and canals, and Samuel Vannier, an archivist at VNF. Mr. Vannier shared anecdotes about what happened on the canal du Midi in March. The guests eagerly listened to these rare historical explanations.

We look forward to the next Club event, which will take place in Béziers at the “In Situ” hotel on Tuesday, June 28.

If you would like to join the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club, just contact Julie Birs:

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