First event of the year for the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club

The first event of the year for the Patrons Business Club took place on Thursday, March 24, 2022, at L’Appart, 37 rue de Metz in Toulouse. On the program, speeches, encounters and discussions while enjoying a cocktail reception.

It was a real pleasure to gather together and share an evening of camaraderie!

On March 24, the representatives of the canal du Midi patron businesses had the pleasure of meeting and spending time talking together in a unique location in Toulouse: L’Appart Team One.

During this event, we were lucky enough to have welcomed guests such as Henri Bouyssès, VNF’s South-West Director, Cécile Dufraisse, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse in charge of rivers and canals, and Samuel Vannier, an archivist at VNF. Mr. Vannier shared anecdotes about what happened on the canal du Midi in March. The guests eagerly listened to these rare historical explanations.

We look forward to the next Club event, which will take place in Béziers at the “In Situ” hotel on Tuesday, June 28.

If you would like to join the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club, just contact Julie Birs:

The canal du Midi, a Giving Tuesday partner in 2021!

To celebrate the 5th Giving Tuesday in France, Nailloux Outlet Village wanted to celebrate the canal du Midi replanting project. Review of a two-stage operation.

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that was initiated in 2012. It was last held on Tuesday November 30, 2021 in France, with the aim of encouraging solidarity in all its forms. The event has become all the more important given the negative effects of the COVID crisis on society and solidarity. As a solidarity alternative to Black Friday, Giving Tuesday offers a wealth of inspiring initiatives to get involved in all areas, giving each of us the power to take civic action.

Although fairly recent, having arrived in France in 2018, this solidarity movement has gained momentum in a short period of time. Men and women, associations, organizations, businesses and communities are all contributing to #GivingTuesday. From South Africa to India, and from the United States to Europe, it is a movement that brings together more than 150 countries every year!

For the occasion, the Voies navigables de France patronage program and Nailloux Outlet Village, member of the canal du Midi Patrons Club, decided to join forces to encourage people to donate to the canal du Midi tree restoration program on Tuesday, November 30 and Saturday, December 4.

Why choose Nailloux Outlet Village as a site for Giving Tuesday?

The VNF patronage program began working with Nailloux Outlet Village in 2019, when the outlet village decided to join the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club. The village rapidly became actively involved in the cause, and hosted the “Nouveaux regards sur le canal du Midi” [A fresh look at the canal du Midi] photo exhibition – developed in 2016 to celebrate the canal’s 350th anniversary – in the same year.

In 2020, the shopping center’s exhibition area celebrated the work of Franco-Cuban artist Yoël Jimenez, with a collection of posters dedicated to the replanting project.

In the spring of 2021, the VNF patronage program launched the “Le canal en famille” app in partnership with Nailloux Outlet Village, with the aim of raising awareness among families about restoration of the canal du Midi’s green canopy and to teach them more about this regional heritage in a fun and engaging way.

Last summer, Nailloux Outlet Village hosted an exhibition of photographs of the canal du Midi taken by artist Daniel Banon entitled “A l’ombre du canal du Midi” [In the shadow of the canal du Midi]. The purpose of the exhibition was to spotlight the beauty of the canal du Midi’s green canopy, to raise awareness of the importance of recreating this emblematic landscape for future generations. The works presented were also available for sale to support the replanting program.

It was therefore only natural that Nailloux Outlet Village should be chosen for the two days of replanting awareness events organized for Giving Tuesday, as a continuation of the existing partnership.

The two days of action

Tuesday, November 30: €1 was donated to Voies navigables de France for each entry to Nailloux Outlet Village. Visitors were able to visit a canal du Midi stand where the VNF patronage program teams were present to answer questions about canker stain and the replanting program. The public was also invited to make micro donations of €3 at a kiosk set up in the outlet village over a period of several months.


Saturday, December 4: the VNF patronage program was once again present at the shopping center, offering several free activities for children and adults. Nailloux Outlet Village has welcomed various speakers, including author and illustrator Marie-Constance Mallard. Violette Mirgue, the mouse-detective created by Marie-Constance and popular among children, served as the theme for a meeting dedicated to discovering the canal du Midi.


The December 4 program of events, in detail:

  • From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Workshop for children led by Marie-Constance Mallard, author of Violette Mirgue, the little darling of the canal du Midi
  • From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Walkabout in the period clothes of important characters of the 17th century, organized by the association Historia Temporis
  • 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.: Concert by Archipels, the amateur vocal ensemble of “les éléments” from their Nougaro program, “Autour de Minuit.” The following artists were present: Claire Suhubiette, Hervé Suhubiette, Raphaël Fournié, Etienne Manchon
  • From 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.: Conference on the Biodiversity of the canal du Midi, hosted by Symbiosphere

A warm thank you to everyone who participated. We appreciate your support!

2021 canal du Midi Business Patrons Awards Evening

On Thursday November 18, the 2021 canal du Midi Business Patrons Awards Evening was held at Mas Tolosa, near Toulouse.

The purpose of the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club is to bring together regional economic players around the same cause, namely the canal du Midi, and above all the same project, that of restoring the green canopy threatened by the disappearance of plane trees attacked by canker stain.

This year, the club’s 60 business patrons raised more than €300,000 through donations, sufficient to purchase over 2,000 new trees to be replanted beside the canal.

The evening was an opportunity to review the replanting project, and in particular to thank the business patrons for their commitment to the canal du Midi restoration project. This year, some thirty patrons rose to the challenge. After a cocktail event held in an ancient barn at Mas Tolosa, the trophies were awarded by category (friends, bronze, silver, gold and platinum). Each year, this trophy evening is a great opportunity for the business patrons of the canal du Midi to meet and chat.

A big thank you to all our patrons, who together are contributing to the preservation of a historic, economic and environmental symbol: the canal du Midi.

Evening event at Domaine de L’Ale in Capestang: replanting project review with the patrons of the canal du Midi

It has been 10 years since the canal du Midi tree replanting project began. For the occasion, the Voies navigables de France patronage program invited its patrons to the magnificent Domaine de l’Ale in Capestang on September 28.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the canal’s tree replanting project, the Voies navigables de France patronage program invited the canal du Midi Patrons Business Club, the service clubs and the key economic players in Aude and Hérault to a cocktail event at the magnificent Domaine de l’Ale in Capestang.

Located just a few feet from the canal, it was the perfect place for presenting a project progress report on the current state of the banks, the replanting progress and the effects already being felt on biodiversity.

We were delighted to receive these key contributors to the replanting project, actively involved in the actions undertaken.

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