Discover the canal du Midi with “Pépé Gaston”!

Voies Navigables de France is launching “Le canal en famille,” a fun mobile app to learn about the heritage sites along the canal du Midi and raise awareness among the general public of the environmental issues that it is facing.

It’s the story of a family that’s been living on a barge for three generations. Readers will meet Luc, Emma, their parents, and Pépé Gaston, an extraordinary sailor who always has plenty of fascinating stories to tell. This time, his adventure gets off to a bad start: a disease (canker stain) is eating away at the beautiful plane trees along the canal du Midi from the inside out…

With the new app “Le canal en famille,” the whole family can join Emma, Luc, and Pépé Gaston on a journey of discovery around the remarkable sites along the canal du Midi, and learn about the environmental issues involved in its preservation and the threat of canker stain. During the journey, players can take part in challenges to win the opportunity to virtually replant as many trees as possible.

Players can choose from among three routes: 2 km, 5 km or 10 km, with a maximum duration (excluding travel) of one hour. There are around ten “levels” to complete by winning mini-games and quizzes.

The concept of the game is to embrace the canal’s heritage while learning about the importance of its preservation by replanting trees. We wanted the animation to be immersive, attractive and fun

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Milène Benoist

VNF Public Fundraising / Communications Manager

At each level, you can stop off at animated checkpoints and learn about the canal’s heritage in a fun and interactive way (its history, particularities, noteworthy structures, etc.). After a level has been completed, the barge moves forward a little, and a tree is planted and colored green.

The app is completely free, suitable for all ages, available on iPhone or Android, smartphone or tablet and does not require an internet connection once installed. Fans of the canal du Midi, a precious gem of the Occitanie region’s heritage, can download the app now.

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