Épargne Occitanie: the canal du Midi replanting project selected by the Occitanie Region

Get involved in the canal du Midi replanting project by making a donation on Wiseed, the solidarity savings platform set up by the Occitanie Region and the Occitanie Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Occitanie Region, in partnership with the Occitanie Chamber of Commerce and Industry and regional crowdfunding company Wiseed, is launching the citizen savings platform Épargne Occitanie that gives local residents the opportunity to invest their savings in regional companies or donate to recognized projects of general interest, thus funding the local economy. The canal du Midi replanting project is one of the 20 projects selected.

You have until the beginning of August to support the canal du Midi replanting project and help us reach our fundraising target of €50,000.

This will go toward:

  • Felling and replanting, to slow the spread of the disease through suitable prophylactic measures;
  • Restoring the banks, as the plane trees’ roots contribute to holding the soil in place;
  • Preserving biodiversity. In order to minimize the impact on the local animal population, felling takes place during two specific periods. During these periods, tree hollows are located and any animals living in them are safely removed. VNF then sets up nesting boxes to make up for the habitats lost due to felling.

Tax deduction and rewards

As with all crowdfunding projects, donors can claim rewards based on the amount they donate.

  • or €50 or more: a photo print of the canal du Midi signed by the photographer, Daniel Banon
  • For €150 or more: the previous reward + one ticket to an open-air film screening at the Cale de Radoub in Toulouse next September (5th edition of the solidarity event to benefit the Canal du Midi)
  • For €300 or more: all previous rewards + the book “L’eau et les siècles” (Editions Privat)

Finally, each donation is eligible for a tax deduction of 66% of the total.


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